After 10 years of jazz and modern ballet that enabled her to acquire the rigor and a better understanding of the body, Audrey then turned to hip hop. She learned the basics (popping, locking, hype ..) and then head towards the world of choreography. It was much later, after living three years in the US she enters the world of freestyle which she is the base and allows to actually find and determine who we really are.

For more than 20 years that his life is punctuated by dance, she participates in artistic creation projects and it works in shows. After various professional experiences as a dancer for various brands and events (Jennyfer, The Voice Belgique, German Idol, Skechers, H2O Festival in Los Angeles), Audrey is now concentrating on his career as a choreographer and “Movement Coach.” She has taught courses in the world (China, US, Belgium, Cameroon).