Evelyne was formed mainly in Seville, with the great masters of traditional flamenco, such as Juana Amaya, Angelita Vargas and Manolo Marin, as well as Paris, with Beatriz Romero, Mari Carmen Garcia and Marisol Jimenez. In 1993, she moved to Toronto, Canada, and integrates the company Candela Flamenca. Three years later, on the east coast, it creates El Viento Flamenco, which occurs throughout the coast, especially with the symphony orchestras of Quebec (http://www.elvientoflamenco.com/images/ Articles / EVF-SOQ sun-review.jpg) and Victoria, and contributes to many other shows (dance and theater) as a dancer and choreographer.

From 1996, she was filmed in various documentaries, television and radio, and has won several awards as director of El Viento Flamenco (price of the Lieutenant Governor, 2002 price of the New York magazine Global Rhythm, 2007, among others).

Evelyne teaches the flamenco for 20 years, at all levels. It emphasizes the acquisition of technical bases while giving great importance to the understanding of the structure of the dance over on vocals and guitar, for the student to be independent early choreographies that are taught him and that he or she can create his own. His students appreciate his good humor and his natural kindness