Currently a contemporary dance teacher at IFPRO in France and abroad (Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Japan), Florence began her training in ballet at Claudine Grenet’s Dance Center (1975/1977 in Sucy in Brie) and jazz at Mougins aux Campelières with Anne-Marie Sanguin (1981/1984). She continued at the training center Off Jazz in Nice, directed by Gianin Loringett (1984/1985), then at IFPRO (Paris 1988/1990). Various trips to New York, USA in 1986-1989 and 1993 allowed her to refine her knowledge of Graham and Horton techniques as well as in jazz. She developed a career performing with various companies (Groupe création des Campelières, Ballets Jazz Rick Odums , Marc Berthon Company, Choréonyx: with Bruce Taylor of which she was co-director until the end of 2003).

Invited to many UNICEF Galas in Italy : Pordenone, Monfalcone, Maniag, she has been the director of her own company TATOO since 1989.
Florence has progressed, due to the many influences of her teachers, in work between Modern-Jazz and Contemporary. The speed and the management of energy in Jazz technique can be associated with a segmentation and a more contemporary work. Weight and floor work are two important elements of her style. Her choreography, connected, round, is oriented around joint mobility and energy differences. Hands also have a place in her company’s work (choreography with a deaf dancer and a paraplegic dancer), through the use of sign language and risk-taking in a work about condition of blindness.