Ragga dance hall: Thursday 19h00-20h30 (Tn)

Jay-C Val (Jean-Claude Tchanque) is a multidisciplinary dancer, hit by the current movement of Dancehall and Hip Hop but also close to traditional dances. His universe is rich and constantly evolving.

Also member of “allin-Dance-Crew” Jay-C is a dancer and sportsman artist, he is inspired by his encounters and discoveries to create a dance of its own. He and practice several styles such as: Dancehall, The hiphop, the House, the Afrobeatz, Jazz Rock, and Cuban Salsa.

Jay-C transmits its universe by teaching in several Parisian and foreign schools. Multifaceted artist, Jay-C is an energetic dancer, powerful, graceful and invested, he brings his enthusiasm, his good humor and joy of dancing to the beholder.