Mika first encountered yoga through a story of friendship with Baptiste Marceau, son of Marcel Marceau and yoga teacher since 1997.

It is above all a relational human journey, allowing him to develop this discipline alongside his career as a musician. For a year and a half, he practiced Asthanga Yoga daily at Baptiste’s side who gave him the gift of his history in the Pattabhi Jois tradition.

“Yoga is a great alchemical adventure”. It was at Rick Odums’s Center for Jazz Dance that Mika began to teach asthanga. Since that day, his students have made him a teacher. Today, Mika teachers a style of yoga very similar to Vinyasa Yoga : a musical practice in which each can practice at his one rhythm. A more physical class but always fun, beginning with an introduction to the basics of breathing and finished by relaxing, which helps to procure a profound peacefulness.

Today Mika and Marco Prince have a center in Paris : YOGALAB. Ten years ago, Mika taught Peter Brook and his actors, then began to travel and only stopped to give classes in Brazil, the United States (a tour and a Yoga conference in Texas), in Israel, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, etc. While continuing to give specific classes: to the company of Philippe Découflé (Sombrero), and Mario Testino.

For Mika, a good teacher is above all a good educator, who must train in the art of evocation rather than the art of gymnastics. He sees the work of yoga as a voyage, a self-discovery with different possible paths to explore: that of speed, precision, alignment, fluidity, synchronization. All leading to the same yoga “beyond name and form”. Mika does not support a particular style, but offers a customized yoga that is adapted to the students.

  • Saturday : 12:45-14:15 (All levels)