Patricia Greenwood Karagozian began her career at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. With the Civic Light Opera of Pittsburgh, she danced and acted in at least 18 musicals, including West Side Story, Kiss Me Kate, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Applause, etc.

In 1994, she obtained the Certificate of Aptitude (CA) in Jazz Dance. Since, she has worked as a teacher for the preparation of the Dance Teacher Diplôme D’Etat at CEFEDEM as well as with a range of private centers. She has also participated in the CA training a the National Dance Center and the Lyon Conservatory for Music and Dance.

Paying particular attention to improvisation as well as the relationship between music and dance, she has improvised in concert at a number of jazz musical festivals (with Philippe la Carrière, Benoît Sourisse, Oliver Temine, etc.). Dancer with the company FaCécie (created by Fabienne Voin-Zanati), she participates in a collective research of improvisation and of composition with a jazz quartet.

In 2011, she created her company, PGK, in order to promote the choreographic creativity in the domain of jazz expression.