Dancer with the company of Angelin Preljocaj for 17 years and recipient of DE in Contemporary Dance since 2002, he alternates between creating and performing while teaching contemporary dance, which he shares with a diverse public, through master classes notably in France, Ile de la Réunion, Kyoto, and San Paulo. His primary encounters with dance were with African dance and jazz (Institut de Formation Professional Rick Odums), then he trained and graduated from the CNSM of Paris in contemporary dance.

The classes and technique that he teaches has as a main goal to develop physical performance potential and to sharpen bodily awareness in space and time, while interacting with sound material. “Imagine the body as an instrument, a receptacle of environmental factors and a vehicle for our emotions, the class proposes an active meditation, aiming to prepare the performer physically and sensorily, as well as emotionally and technically. The class begins with a phase of introspection of the internal systems, the circulation of fluids, of weight, of breath. This observation is done in order to regain the neutrality required for the realization of micro autogenous movements.

The integration of these mechanisms and their control progressively allows the system to restart and to regain its verticality. The next step is to work on technique by practicing the fundamentals. Barre at the barre or in the center. The body structured and motivated by the sense will be ready to approach the space with fluidity and will be able to respond to the musicality of the sound material.