Stanislas Grassian, actor and director, trained at the International School of Mimodrame Marcel Marceau, then alongside Alain Gautré (first assistant to Jacques Lecoq), and at the Method Actor Studio alongside Laurence Fereira Barbosa and Dominique Cabrera.

As an educator, he specializes in the art of masks, comedy and absurdity. The workshop he leads at Rick Odums Musical Theater School focuses on scenic interpretation and body work.

He has appeared in numerous roles on television and in film, under directors such as Jean-Pierre Denis, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe, Caroline Huppert; Didier Le Pêcheur, Denis Malleval, Luc Besson, Jacques Malaterre, Chantal Picault, Jean-Loïc Portron, François Descraques, Slimane-Batiste Berhoun and Raphaël Descraques.

He has performed  in different genre as an actor, comedy, drama, as well as period films for productions such as Arte, France 2, September Production, BFC, TF1, M6, Endémol, Orange.

He is currently playing the recurring role of Dario Lombardi in the program Le Visiteur du Futur by Frank Descraques, as well as acting in Slimane-Batiste Berhoun’s Le Guichet for AlloCiné and in a number of episodes of Suricates directed by Raphaël Descraques.

In the theater, he has acted in about twenty works by authors such as Colette, G. Bernanos, F. Pessoa, F. Dostoïevski, M.L. Fleisser, J. Green, E. Labrusse, Voltaire, Racine, J. Prévert, S. Jaubertie, etc. He has directed a dozen classical and contemporary works, and created the Festival Un Automne à tisser at the Cartoucherie in Vincennes.