The Center welcomes the principal French and international Modern Jazz companies and allows them to develop their creation, supporting their production and their promotion.

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Compagnie Rick Odums

Created in 1983, the company aligns the precision and perfection of classical ballet with the sensuality and rhythm of jazz dance in sync with today’s contemporary culture, the company’s original style has won over many audiences around the world. Its priority is to develop quality contemporary creations of high quality while fostering  knowledge of the unique discipline of Modern Jazz Dance often in collaboration with live jazz musicians like Dedier Lockwood one of the company’s closest collaborators in addition to educational and cultural events


Choreonix, Bruce Taylor                                       CHOREONYX

Created in 1996 by Bruce Taylor, dancer and choreographer trained at the North Carolina School of the Arts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, and Dance Theater of Harlem, Choreonyx is a performing company that exists to cultivate the transmigration of choreograpic arts, personal, modern, and innovative diversity, firmly oriented towards the opening and the mixture of styles.



GERALDINE ARMSTRONGArmstrong Jazz Ballet, Geraldine Armstrong

Founded in 1988, the Armstrong Jazz Ballet is profoundly linked to the dance of the company’s principal  choreographer and founder Géraldine Armstrong Trained in London by Matt Mattox. A dynamic choreograph style in search of harmony between the art and the feeling. She focuses on using dance movements to achieve the exaltation of the body in its raw energy and sensuality.


téléchargementPGK, Patricia Karagozian

The PGK Company was born in 2011 from the need to explore the choreographic creativity through an artistic expression of jazz, musical dance, sensible, poetic and identifiable. Like a jazz orchestra, the philosophy of the company is founded on the legitimacy of the identity of each being in a collective action of sharing and communication; the exploration of the musicality of jazz in dance based on projects with live music.


TATOO 1Compagnie Tatoo

Created in 1989, originally known as Art Express, and directed by Florence Meregalli, the Compagnie Tatoo crosses the pedagogic boundary of artistic and contemporary creation by creating works with handicapped and non-handicapped dancers.