Considered an ambassador of French jazz dance abroad, the Company Rick Odums has participated in a numerous festivals and has been invited to major foreign theaters since its creation in 1983. “Aligning the precision and perfection of classical ballet with the sensuality and rhythm of jazz dance”, the original style of this company has won over a number of audiences. The company has performed extensively in its home country of France, as well as in its islands territories of Martinique, Guadeloupe, La Reunion, and French Guyana including two residences at the prestigious “MAISON de la DANSE de Lyon.

German television has broadcasted his works and has presented  several broadcasts centered around him and his company. Invited to perform at the inauguration of the Palais de Nations in Vienna, Austria, the company has also performed in Belgium, Italy, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Jamaica as well as in several African Countries.

In the United States, the company has performed several times in Texas and in particular  Chicago where the company has been asked to represent France on three consecutive occasions at the American Jazz Dance World Congress, there revealing a type of jazz that is different and strongly appreciated by American audience’s and critics.

In France, the company is one of the rare professional jazz companies subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.

Its mission: Is to develop an activity of creation and diffusion of high quality professional modern jazz dance, while also fostering knowledge of a still poorly understood discipline that is often seen through misconceptions and stereotypes. This is the reason why its artistic director, Rick Odums opened his scope: the company also offers activities, school activities, workshops, round table discussions on the current methods of teaching and creating modern jazz dance. Rick and the company have recently created new works ( entire evening pieces to live music centered around that art of improvisation in collaboration with the well known French jazz musicians Didier Lockwood and his musicians.