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Starts: 17 May, 2016
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Instructors: Advanced Training for the Professional Dancer
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Advanced Training for the Professional Dancer is completed over the course of two years, with the possibility of an optional third year. A high school diploma is required.

This training focuses on choreographic performance and interpretation. The main objective of these two years of training is to allow students who plan to be interpreters of choreography or choreographers to deepen their practical and theoretical training in line with their future profession: a good level of historical knowledge, theory and practice of dance, general knowledge, and methodology.

First Year:

Technique classes: 675 hours / Workshops (Improvisation and composition, alternating per session): 45 hours

Parallel Preparation of EAT and UV Théoriques du Diplôme D’Etat De Professeur De Danse 1st year.

  • EAT: 36 hours
  • Dance History: 42 hours
  • Anatomy: 84 hours
  • Music: 84 hours
  • Methodology: 14 hours
  • History of Visual Arts: 12 hours

The theoretical UV track is only for those obtaining EAT.

Total hours : 992 hours/year

Second Year :

  • Technique Courses: 675 hours
  • Improvisation Workshops: 45 hours
  • Choral (chant chorale): 45 hours
  • Analysis of Dance Movement: 90 hours
  • Music Education for Dance: 33 hours
  • Labanotation: 24 hours

Total Hours: 912 hours/year


Third Year: Pre-Professional Year

Technique Courses: 675 hours

Project of Choreographic Composition in the form of various workshops.

  • Study of a work using Laban: 84 hours
  • Theater: 45 hours
  • Labanotation: 15 hours
  • Legal Administration: 15 hours

Total Hours: 834 hours/year

Institutional Diploma delivered at the end of training.